Sad Kitty

I think Fitzy might have a urinary tract issue–he peed twice on the coffee table (I had to throw it out–it was a hand-me-down that was super old, and the pee soaked into it) and yesterday I caught him trying to pee on something else but despite the fact that I caught him after he had been squatting for a bit, there wasn’t any pee, which suggests problems 😦 He’s also loafing up a lot more, which he usually does when he feels uncomfortable (he does it when he’s barfy, too, but he hasn’t been barfing, thank goodness.)



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3 responses to “Sad Kitty

  1. Your cat and I have something in common . . .

    (Now I’m doing that things where I’m sharing too much again, right?)

    • lol, no worries, I’m an over-sharer too 😉 I’m hoping he doesn’t share a predilection toward kidney stones with me! The vet, aware of my lack of funds, suggested trying him on wet food for a few days to see if it helps. he’s been acting like he feels better, but I haven’t seen him attempt to pee yet, so who knows….

  2. i hope he’s feeling better soon. *hugs*

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