Same old…

One step forward, one step back, making no real progress, just staying in the same place. I got out the other day, went to the library. Then yesterday there was no showering and very little doing anything. I did make some chicken salad and cookies. Today I’m baking more of the cookie dough, and I went to the grocery store, so I guess it’s 2 steps forward, one back. Yay, learning!

Fitzy’s all better, though he’s demanding an inordinate amount of love from me (he’s not a cuddler, generally). Zelda is her usual obsessed with snuggling self, to the point of getting between me and Fitz when I pet him.

It’s weird, guilt about not watering my plants because I don’t want to go on the balcony unwashed gets me in the shower more than anything. The mint is trailing down, bizarrely. The basil looks like a tree. I don’t know what to do with them when it gets cold, though. Do they come back year after year (the mint does, but dunno about the peppers or the basil or the onions, though I think the onions might) or not? I can’t bring them in because of the cats.

my leg has been hurting, it’s driving me nuts. I can’t wait until I get a job or the insurance exchanges open in October, and I can get the tibial plate removed. It’s been popping a lot lately, I think the screws are pulling out a bit. I guess it’s a good thing I couldn’t do boot camp this summer, if I made it (which, based on the people who didn’t, I wouldn’t have, this time around, anyway) I’d need a LOA to let the holes fill in. Hopefully soon I’ll be able to get it done and be back on my feet in time to get ready for next year. If I need to take it easy, well, scorekeepers and penalty box timers both get to sit!

cookie time.



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2 responses to “Same old…

  1. Peppers won’t come back, unless they’re ornamental. Onions may reseed themselves. The basil and mint might but I’d dry some leaves to have over the winter for cooking.

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