Busy Weekend and News

My Labor Day weekends tend to be focused on one event, or entirely on relaxing, but this year there was a bit more. On Saturday my cousin got married, and it was lovely. My mom is her godmother, and I idolized this cousin growing up (she’s got 6 or 8 years on me, I think-not sure how much older), not only because she has lovely ginger curls but because she is a delight and can be childlike without being childish (even when she was in her teens, when the two are easily confused and often equally scorned). I was tired and ready to go home by 9:30, but my parents wanted to stay and stay and stay. We laughed at the youth being tired early and the elderly being party hounds. The Boy is a bit family-ed out, as my family is more involved with one another’s lives than his is, generally, and with the week at the beach and all the funerals this year, he opted out of joining me.

Normally, Saturday is the main day of my mother’s mini-high-school reunion, where she and a few of her friends from high school get together at the shore and bring their kids and drink and eat crabs and grill and drink. (Yes, I said drink twice. It doesn’t really convey the amount of drinking, but I didn’t want to say it more than twice.) This year, because of the wedding, we got together on Sunday. (Normally, they have brunch on Sunday morning, but I dunno if they did on Monday or not, as I was not there then.) I stayed Saturday night at the shore so I could be there for the first part of the gathering. I left mid-afternoon to come back home, because The Boy and I were invited to a game night at a friend’s place. It was supposed to be next weekend, but he got orders that have him out of town until Novemberish, so it got moved up. We played Cards Against Humanity, and Bang, and he played Red November while I played Dungeons and Dragons Clue and then Amish Dice and then we headed out as I was tired and getting migrainey.

Monday was spent relaxing all day at his place, and being delighted that his formerly super-skittish cat, who occasionally let me pet her but ran from me more often than not had decided, since being spayed, that I was not a scary monster and that as long as I do not pick her up, she loves me. She is such a cute little thing. Fitzy and Zelda are grumpy that I am trying to be frugal about the wet food they get, but have adapted to the fountain water dish (though Zelda doesn’t give two figs about the fountain, and Fitz fears it a little, so he drinks by dipping his foot in and licking the water off. But he did that before, too, and this way I’m not changing the water every day because it’s full of cat hair (which would make him complain, finicky beast!)

Yesterday I talked with Funsize Jenn, who offered me the position of Pit Crew Co-Chair. Basically I’ll just be helping with forwarding emails to the pit crew from the league list servs and dealing with sign-ups and such during the month, and it won’t add to my duties on bout day at all, so I am still available for NSOing. Season 8 starts on October 5th. I’m looking forward to it!



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2 responses to “Busy Weekend and News

  1. That sounds like a wonderful weekend combination of family fun and relaxing.

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