Building Core Strength part 2

(Part one is here) Sorry about the delay, as I explained yesterday my body decided to switch from diurnal to nocturnal. I seem to be back to diurnal (seriously, I did some strength-building arms exercises last night and went to bed and was asleep for most of the night. What? I don’t know.) so let’s hope that sticks.

Before I get to the videos I promised on Wednesday, OH MY FREAKING GOD DID ANYONE SEE THE LONDON/ROSE CITY GAME? That was nervewracking to the max. I was ripping at my clothing and my hair during the last 2 jams. Literally. I looked like a madwoman. SO CLOSE! And then an official review! It was like they were trying to recreate DC’s nervewracking playoff game. Luckily, there were no mistakes on the part of the officials, and the unofficial final score stood. London won by 3 points. THREE. POINTS. Rose’s second half was amazing, they reduced their penalties as London increased theirs, they took a 50 point deficit and turned it into a lead. Then when London regained the lead, they almost won anyway! If they had held Kamikaze Kitten out of the pack during the last jam, they would have won by ONE POINT. It was SO INTENSE.

Okay. Right. I promised core strength videos, and core strength videos you will have!
Gonna start with RDA videos. If you’ve been reading for the past few months you may remember me talking about a Pump Up Your Jam program that I was doing in May and June. That was put together and run by Booty Quake of Roller Derby Athletics. Part of why it was a great program despite being entirely online was because Booty Quake posted LOTS of videos of what your workout should look like. (There are other reasons, but they aren’t germane to this post.)
First off, here is a video from RDA about proper form. Like I said the other day, form is super important, and here is Booty Quake to talk about why and show you some proper form for core exercises and squats.

Now we’ve got one of her core workouts:

Finally, we have a workout that’s a bit more hardcore, and will get your heartrate up as well.

Moving on, here is Quadzilla, roller derby god, doing walk-outs and walk-ins, which I didn’t talk about yesterday but which are super good for your core

and here he is with planks and plank-lifts

I’ve also pinned a couple workouts to my derby pinboard to try out. I haven’t tried them yet but I plan on it. If you wanna check them out, they are:
a back workout from Fitsugar which will strengthen your core and help your posture, and 6 core ab moves from Whole Living.

Hopefully this is a good start for anyone looking to strengthen their core ❤



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3 responses to “Building Core Strength part 2

  1. I was going to say, I wish you lived closer . . . but I should say something like: “I wish you didn’t live on the exact opposite side of the country . . . ”

    Thank you for all of this help. Long distance works too.

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