Mmmmmderby derby derby

note: this post is being written on Thursday because I am lazy and Friday will be busy. Also, Friday is my 2nd blogiversary! yay!

So I was sitting on the couch in my underwear because that’s what I do when I’m hermitting, and I’ve been very hermitty lately, when I hear a frantic buzzing. It is my phone! I remembered to unplug it and liberate it from my bedroom! and someone is calling me! So I got up and answered. It was Funsize Jenn, who called to tell me I was on the list of people needing league credentials as an NSO. This is not earthshattering news, of course, because KGB said he’d put me on the list but it amuses me and makes me happy that FSJ wanted to call me and tell me because she’s excited about it and about the new season starting.

On Tuesday I spent about an hour in the armory during headshots time. I helped set up a practice track and got my picture taken and visited with friends. One hour of semi-derby things made me feel better than anything ever. Also, this season people have been complaining on FB about armory lung (a cough induced by time spent in the armory.) They’ve probably complained during other seasons, too, but I only remember it happening this season. 3 seasons of volunteering, which means around 8 consecutive hours a month minimum spent in the armory, I have never gotten armory lung. Tuesday as we were leaving, I started coughing. I WAS INFECTED VIA FACEBOOK, I SWEAR IT. Fortunately, 3 glasses of chocolate milk helped cure me.

This weekend is the WFTDA Playoffs in Richmond! I am staying with my cousin, who stayed with me recently. Yay! I’m working security Saturday evening and Sunday morning and am really excited to see everyone who will be there (including former fright attendants Chinese Cheker and Soledad!!) It feels weird and novel to take a trip (even a short one!) somewhere that isn’t somehow tied in with my immediate family. The Boy and I have been to NC twice for different weekend visits with his friends, and I took that trip to Philly for a seminar, but other than that my vacations have all been to visit family or with family or both.


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