D1 Playoffs in Richmond

So on Friday I drove down to Richmond. I felt like it would take longer than it did, even knowing it would be around a 2 hour drive, because when I go down 95 I’m usually going to NC and my butt was like “this is terrible.” And then I got there. Yay!

Saturday morning I got there during halftime of the first bout. I tried my camera out and based on the results, it is barely adequate for derby. I fiddled with settings and fiddled with settings but the shots that came out were mostly the ones of people lining up before the whistle or standing waiting for the jammer to hit their wall during a power jam. Alas. I had a great time watching derby with other girls from DCRG for the first three bouts, then I was security for the rest of the night.e During the Angel City/Philly bout, we had signs, the face of the dog of the two Angel City skaters who transferred from DC (2 expressions) and waved them enthusiastically when ever anything good happened for Angel City. While I was doing security, my cousin and his girlfriend and a friend of theirs came and snuck back to where I was stationed and gave me a mock-hard time when I was all “you guys can’t be here!”

The next morning I was supposed to do security for the morning and then I’d be able to watch the second half of the day, but I woke up with a migraine and missed out. I slept forEVER and then I felt like I couldn’t go watch Angel City win the 3rd place bout (!!!!!!) because I hadn’t earned my free entry for the day. So once I was feeling better, G and B and I went to the movies before G went to work and B went thrift shopping and I went home. We saw The World’s End, which was lovely and funny and great.

Yesterday morning I woke up a couple minutes before someone knocked at my door–it turned out it was The Boy. He had heard about the Navy Yard shooting and couldn’t remember if my dad worked there or not, but wanted to let me know what was going on just in case. He is The Best Boy. I love him lots. And my family is fine–no one was near the Navy Yard yesterday.


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