so I missed a call earlier today because I had a migraine and put my phone in the other room. Later on, after I was feeling better, the phone rang again, same number. I answered but there was no one there, or the phone didn’t work, or something, I couldn’t hear anything and hung up after 30 seconds of me saying “Hello??”

A few minutes later a different number called and the person was looking for me and was like “I’m calling about the position Marco spoke to you about?” and like a moron I was like “I didn’t talk to anyone named Marco” and let her say “oh well nevermind then bye” and hang up instead of saying “but I am looking for work and would like to hear more about this position, please” because I am DUMB

update: so I called back because I was like NOOOO I NEED A JOB and now I have an interview for tomorrow.



Filed under bitching, FROWN, personal shit, unemployment

2 responses to “GAH

  1. I’m glad you called back. May it’s serendipity! Good luck tomorrow.

    • I would have beat myself up all day if I didn’t and I thought about how my dad would ask about the job search and if I told him he’d ask why I didn’t call back and “I was embarrassed I let her hang up” is not a good enough reason

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