Can I do over this week please?

Because it’s a bit farther along than my internal clock thinks it is and I missed the scrimmage I signed up to NSO last night because I thought it was tonight because I thought tonight was Tuesday.

The interview was a scam job–at least I think it was. After they sent the email with directions and stuff, the boy and I checked them out some and they were super sketchy. I didn’t go.

Headaches two days in a row. Almost out of migraine abortives, out of OTC analgesics.

Zelda is stalking me. Not in a pounce and murder way, in a OH MY GOD I LOVE YOU SO MUCH LETS SNUGGLE FOREVER WHY WON’T YOU LET ME TOUCH YOU I LOVE YOU THERE ARE CUSHIONS BETWEEN US AND I HATE THEM” way. It’s a good thing she’s a cat.



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3 responses to “Can I do over this week please?

  1. Awww. It’s nice to be loved like that – by a cat. Human would be a bit obsessive. Sorry about the job interview and missing the game. 😦 *hugs*

    • Zelda’s a bit clingy all the time, but yesterday was a bit overkill even for her. She has even been sleeping up near my shoulders on the bed! normally both kitties are foot of the bed types. I’ve had to try re-educating her on where her bed-place is. It took three relocations last night before she accepted that “on my pillows” was unacceptable.I wonder if, when I start working again, it’ll make them more clingy or return to normal?

      • Probably more clingy at first, until they adjust. My cat Samantha (who lived to be 22), was always cuddly, but when I first got laid off and was at home, writing, she started lying on my neck while I was at the table. Then she moved down to my lap and eventually to a nearby chair, once she realised I was going to be home for awhile.

        When I started to go to work as an auxiliary – sometimes half days, sometimes full days, sometimes for several weeks – she would sit under the chair by the hall and as I went by, she would reach out and wrap both her front paws around my leg and meow. No claws, just clingy. And yet, the entire seven weeks my mother was in the hospital, when I was leaving and said I was going to see ‘grandma’, she didn’t do it once. The only time she did it during that time was one day when I had to work! Even towards the end, when I didn’t come home for more than a couple of hours – or even the two days I didn’t come home at all (I slept at the hospital for 4 1/2 weeks), she just sat on my lap after my shower and cuddle and purred until I had to leave.

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