Week o’ Derby

On Monday I NSOed a scrimmage at DCRG practice. KGUsedtoB and I are very much seeing eye to eye on where I need to be during practices and where I should be during bouts right now, which is good. (I am weakest on penalty tracking/wrangling stuff, so that’s what I want to work on at practices, and most comfortable scorekeeping and penalty timing, so that’s where I want to be on bout day, at least for now.) So for the first half of the scrimmage Don Gatto and I tracked penalties together, and for the second half, I tracked them on my own. By on my own I don’t really mean on my own–the jam timer keeps pace with the inside pack refs, and relays the calls to the penalty wrangler, who, if I didn’t catch the call or part of the call, relays it to me and I record it on the white board. My goal is to be able to catch all the calls without the wrangler needing to relay any (he or she checks their paperwork against the whiteboard to make sure both are right, anyway, but it’s good practice for eventually wrangling penalties) but right now I have a very hard time with it. Tracking penalties for both teams was actually easier than for just one of them, though. Most of my problem with tracking is that sometimes I don’t hear any part of the call–the whistle, the skater identification, or the penalty. I’m watching the refs (which is a job of work in itself! there’s a lot of them!) so I can see the hand signal but I always seem to miss that on these calls, too. It’d be worse at a real bout, with so much more noise going on (fans cheering, music playing, announcers talking)…my hearing isn’t as awesome as it used to be, so there’s only so much I can do about this, but I want to figure out what I can do to improve in this.

Saturday is the opening bout of the season for DCRG! I’ll be NSOing, probably in the penalty box. Because of the furlough, DCRG is discounting tickets 20% for fans who show their government ID at the ticket window! Tickets are regularly $15 for anyone 12 and up, 6 for 6-11 year olds, and free for anyone under 6! First bout will be Scare Force One versus the Majority Whips, and those wheels roll at 4! Second bout is the DC Demoncats versus the Cherry Blossom Bombshells, wheels’ll roll around 5:45ish for that one. Afterparty, AFAIK, at Penn Social. The bouts’ll be especially fun to watch, as many ladies in the league are furloughed so they’re mad as hell and need an outlet for all that rage! If only congresspersons were skating against ’em!


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