Season 8 Opener!

Sorry I’ve been so quiet-the furlough had The Boy out of work last week and we took advantage of our mini vacation to spend a ridiculous amount of time together. He’s back at work this week, having been re-evaluated as essential, so I don’t have to sneak away to post this 😉

Saturday was the DC Rollergirls season opener, and my first real bout as an NSO! It was an unseasonable 90 degrees F, and in the Armory, with no air conditioning, it was close to 100 degrees, I think. I was sweating just standing around beforehand! It was terrible. I tried to stay hydrated but by the end of the night I was very headachey. I can’t imagine how the skaters felt!

DC Mayor Vince Gray, for the second season in a row, blew the ceremonial first whistle after a short speech about how roller derby is essential (and so is DC government), and the first bout started. I was timing penalties for Scare Force One and Stan (Standard Deviant) was tracking for the Majority Whips. It was an extremely penalty-heavy game, so I didn’t get to see much of the action because I was too busy trying to do all the timing and paperwork! Our box manager was timing the jammer penalties, but Stan and I were recording the penalties on our paperwork, so when we (often! FAR TOO OFTEN!) had a full box we were recording the jam number, skater number, penalty notation, and timing of the penalties for 3 people (each side) and it’s never three people sitting at once, so as you’re recording one person’s data you have to be aware of the incoming skater AND remember to actually man the stopwatches. It was HECTIC. But fun! The first bout was super close, with Scare Force (season 7 champs, you may recall) beating the Whips by only 16 points, 211-195.

Bout two was less penalty heavy, which has drawbacks of it’s own. I was glad to be less busy, because my head was starting to ache at half time, and after the second bout’s half time it was really killing me, but because it was slower and I had the headache I made a mistake near the end. I had a Bombshell in the box, and paused the stopwatch at the end of the jam, but forgot to restart it at the beginning of the next jam, so my skater stayed in the box longer than needed. Luckily, my box manager noticed, or who knows how long she’d have been there. It probably wouldn’t have had a major impact on the bout, and it is my first time NSOing during a real bout, but I still felt dumb. I talked with Kitty St Maims afterward about how I’d be more forgiving if it was someone else, but since it’s me…we agreed that most people are probably that way. This bout wasn’t as close as the first one, but it was still fairly close and it had a lot of good action, and for a while during the second half it was very close. The final score was 197-126, with the Demoncats victorious over the Bombshells.

You can see Shutterthug’s fantastic photos from the bout here.

I was looking forward to the afterparty (at Trusty’s this season) but with my headache I headed straight home. Can’t wait until next month, though, because I hear the party was tons of fun! And I’ll do better in the box (or wherever!)


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