Today is one of those days where lots of tiny, really stupid little things happen until you feel like everything is terrible (and then more stupid little things happen, confirming your feelings.) So I’m going to ignore that and celebrate throwback thursday before trying to fix some of these terrible, tiny things.

Last night on my way home, I was listening to my iPod, and Weezer’s “Heart Songs” came on. (I’d link you to a video, but chrome insisted I shut down and update a couple days ago and now videos don’t play, and youtube goes to some random page so I can’t tell if it’s what it’s supposed to be.) It’s about all the songs the band grew up listening to, that still mean so much to them. So my twist on Throwback Thursday is musical.

I was born in the 80s, so we’re starting with first audio cassette: Mariah Carey’s self titled album. Which I just discovered came out in 1990. Whaaaaat? Now obviously this is first like first one I actually owned, rather than something my parents or older brother owned (or made–we had lots of vinyl and my brother made excellent mixed tapes as well as copies of albums) (last cassette was Michael Jackson’s Dangerous, which I got for my 10th birthday and I felt bad because I didn’t like MJ anymore.)

First CD (that I purchased): The Ass Ponys Electric Rock Music, bought at Kemp Mills Music, when my friend and I walked to the local strip mall after school in 8th grade with my friend K. (Last CD purchased, The New Pornographer’s Mass Romantic)


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