Today I NSOed at a scrimmage that the skaters on tap joined the league skaters for the first time. I missed the first jam or two because even though The Boy helped me work on my sleep schedule, I almost overslept this morning because my brain was like “why be asleep at 4 am when we could be awake?! YAY!” But I wasn’t the last one there (which did make me literally say “phew!” when I noticed other officials parking after I did) and I got to work pretty quickly. Stan was getting assessed as well as trying to run the box, so I took over for her and Don Gatto and I timed penalties.

NSOs are supposed to be impartial, of course, since we’re officials. We don’t clap or cheer for any skaters, even during intros. Generally I’m pretty good at remembering that but with my friends who are SOTs I wanted to cheer and shout advice. I limited myself to making jokes about how I didn’t want to keep meeting them in the box when they got sent out. But OH MY GOODNESS I WANTED TO SHOUT SO MUCH.

We were also short on skating officials, so there were no outside pack refs. A couple of the other NSOs and I joked about how we wish we brought whistles so we could call penalties from the box (we spotted a lot of track cuts that didn’t get called. To be fair to the skaters, the black tape on the brown floor is hard to see, and to be fair to the officials, no OPR.)

Next Sunday is another scrimmage. I’m looking forward to it.


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