Winner, winner, chicken dinner!

Last night at 10:20 after some chatting with The Boy, who had worked late as is his wont on Thursdays, I announced I was going to spend an hour away from glowy screens and then go to bed. I was jazzed about this decision. I did some fistpumping at Zelda, who took it very well and still loves me even though I bizarrely decided to do it with dumbbells in my hands (they were there! I don’t know! IT’S A THING!) I took a 3mg melatonin tablet, which sweet, angelic Comma gifted me with after our post-hockey visit and after ensuring that I was sitting in an upright and not loungey position, I read. For an hour and a half. (What, I LIKE BOOKS, OKAY.) At midnight I turned out the lights and, yawning effusively, went to bed. AND TO SLEEP!

Then it was 1 am and my upstairs neighbors woke me with some seriously vigorous sex. I can only assume they were copulating on a broken bed, because I listened to over 40 minutes of “thumpthumpthumpthump” that, though it varied in it’s intensity, NEVER STOPPED FROM THE SECOND IT STARTED ME AWAKE. There is no way normal people who get up before 7am (which they MOST DEFINITELY DO, I know because I HEAR THEM, GODDAMMIT) can have enough energy to have sex that consistently vigorous, for that long, at that hour. (Unless they’re college students but college students don’t live in my complex, it’s too far from campus and more expensive than the apartments that aim themselves at the college students. Mine is more a young professionals and starter families type place.) So. 40 minutes of that. Then I hear the shower and think “good, that’s over.” OH NO IT WASN’T. They had more (thankfully much briefer!) sex at 2. But then it really was over and before 2:45 rolled around, I was asleep again! YAY SLEEP!

I woke up sometime during the 8:00 hour this morning and though my eyes did their “don’t want to open” thing that they always do, it was different. I knew that if I chilled for a few minutes (and thought more on the dessert smorgasbord I had just been dreaming about!) I would not fall asleep again (and I didn’t)!

The morning after I posted “Trapped” my friend and Majority Whip-in-absentia Malice sent me a facebook message recommending this blog. I’ve been reading it from the beginning on and off since then and find it very inspiring. (This would have been in yesterday’s post if it hadn’t been eaten, btw.) Last night when I was suffering through being awake when all of my body was in sync for sleeping I tried really hard both to not think hate-filled thoughts at the upstairs neighbors (with very limited success, I’m afraid) and, when they finished, to keep myself out of a sneaky hate spiral where I just think about things that piss me off which leads to thinking about other things that piss me off which leads…etc etc. Randy has been working on being more positive as part of his efforts, and his efforts (outside of the ones to be more positive) have helped him be more positive, if you see what I mean. So instead of letting myself focus on things that would enrage me (and thus keep me up, causing more rage) I decided to focus on something that makes me happy. I don’t even remember having more than one thought about it before slipping back into sleep! SO MUCH BETTER THAN RAGING THROUGH THE NIGHT.


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