A little overwhelmed

not just whelmed. Things are kinda AUGH right now where I am bouncing back and forth between “I can do this!” and trying to cease existing by sheer willpower alone several times a day hence my not posting. I wanted to tell you about sunday’s scrimmage on monday and also let you know about the stuff that happened 3 years ago that I have not been allowed to talk about online before now but between the issues I’m having with my browser (which seem particularly to happen with wordpress, tumblr, and facebook) and the maddening volley I am stuck in I haven’t felt up to it. But right now I feel up to it so.

Sunday. Scrimmage! Thanks to Comma, I woke bright eyed and bushy tailed for the 9 am scrimmage and arrived early, so I got to stand around with some of the newest drafted skaters and a couple Whips while we waited for the rink to be unlocked. KGB was there this time and put me in the middle tracking penalties. It was a home-team scrimmage so my black and white bandanas, which I helpfully brought, were of no use, since it wasn’t a black and white scrimmage. Skaters lay track while officials geared up and stood around being tired (except me! I wasn’t tired!) Something went wrong when the newbie skaters taped the track and one of the straight-aways was wider at one end than the other, so while they fixed that I taped us a penalty box. One of the more experienced NSOs, who has worked with me at scrimmages before, helped me keep track of the penalties during the scrimmage, but I did the paperwork. (We didn’t have the white board so I also kept track of time outs and whether skaters actually went to the box and that skaters for whom jams were called on account of injury sat out for 3 jams)

First scrimmage was Scare Force vs the Majority Whips and I did really well with that one. I occasionally needed help with the calls but mostly caught all of them. Enjoyed goofing around with the refs at half time and between scrimmages, and one of the newer officials liked my shirt (I was wearing my Freedom Belles shirt, which also got me a compliment or two from former FB current DCRG skaters)

Second scrimmage was DCDC vs Bombshells and it was a less successful bout for me. I was getting tired and having a harder time catching all the calls and needed more help with that, but I was still feeling pretty good. Final scrimmage was a travel team scrimmage and I did much worse, I missed most calls and needed the most help. Fortunately help was there. I guess I just need to up my NSO endurance. somehow.

There’s a home team VS home team bout this Saturday between Charm City and DCRG–Charm’s Mobtown Mods and Speed Regime will take on DC’s Scare Force One and DC Demoncats, respectively. Part of the proceeds from this bout go to Moveable Feast and the bout is at Du Burns Arena in Baltimore.

edited to correct my mistake of naming the Philly all stars team instead of the local league oops and to note that the post about what happened 3 years ago will come tomorrow probably. I didn’t get murdered mid post.



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5 responses to “A little overwhelmed

  1. Tricky Lake

    Psssst. FREEDOM Belles 😀

  2. Dude… I was the newbie who messed up the track. #COMINGCLEAN

    Let the healing begin

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