Da derbs and old injuries

Saturday night two of DCRG’s home teams played two of Charm City’s home teams. This time it was Scare Force versus the Mobtown Mods and DC Demoncats versus Speed Regime. I waited until the last minute-ish to buy my ticket in case any volunteers were needed last minute. It turns out my last minute was not last minute enough, because mere minutes after I bought my (nonrefundable) ticket, an email requesting cashiers for the DC merch table came through. JK offered to buy me dinner so it wouldn’t be a waste of money though, so it worked out (she actually ended up buying me a SF1 tee shirt, as I got hungry while she was skating, and I have tees for the other 3 home teams). For the first half of the evening (while SF and the Mods were skating) I helped cover the merch table (and since we didn’t actually have a table at first, guard the cash box and stand around looking awkward until our merch arrived, lol) Charm is a lot better than we are (they’re ranked 24th to our 54th, as of September WFTDA rankings. Champs are in November, and Charm won’t be there, I don’t think, but they went last year and the year before) but both bouts were pretty close. They followed a pattern: DC takes early lead (early like first couple jams) then Charm crushes for the rest of the first half. Second half Charm retains lead but DC plays much more competitively. I sat with Pants, Capps, and Don Gatto (a Demoncat widow as well as a fellow NSO/bouncer)for the ‘Cats game. If the ladies in red had stayed out of the box a bit more, the score would have been even closer than it was. The second half actually had them close to tying Speed Regime at one point, but then they started racking up the penalties again :/ The final scores were 170-134 for the SF/Mods game, and 194-130 for the Cats/SR game. Former Cherry Blossom Bombshells Battery Operated and Lucky Penny played for Charm these bouts. I wasn’t friends with Penny but am with BOps (though more with her husband, who was head bouncer when I started volunteering with DC) so though I was rooting for SF since they’re a DC team, I quietly cheered for BOps whenever she took to the track. I got lots of hugs from her mister, and from retired Whip Rebel Shell who was there selling macarons (which are sinfully amazing you guys) and I chatted with the Baltimore Waffle Company guy about the family bakery while he made me a fresh belgian waffle (the “real” kind–yeast batter with pearl sugar–and OMG SO DELICIOUS!!!!)

I went to the Boy’s place after and we hung out a bit before bedtime. I slept very poorly until around 9am, because my leg (at the tibia plate) was KILLING me. I don’t know why but it was definitely a 4-5 on my 1-10 scale, and I want to make mention that with kidney stones and migraines I have hardly ever reached 10 on that scale, so 5 is fairly significant. I slept from 9 until 1 or 2 and felt much better. But I do NOT like having the plate still. I tried to enroll in medicaid but the MD website for healthcare exchanges is not letting me pick a primary care physician nor finish the application without picking one, so I have to call them and get that handled. I handled my student loans coming out of forbearance today and did some chores-y things, and will be heading to target later tonight to get some stuff I need. I guess today’s been productiveish.

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