Scrimmage with rules beta testing, Halloween

Hi! sorry there was no post yesterday, I got all distracted and then wordpress didn’t want to play with my browser and I blew it off. So! Tuesday night there was a halloween scrimmage. I should NOT have dressed up, I ended up stabbing myself in the eye with liquid liner, putting a giant electric blue splotch on the sclera (the white). I spent so long getting it out I was running behind when I left, and then I accidentally locked myself out of my apartment with my car keys inside. *sad trombone* When I called the leasing office to get the after hours emergency number, the answering machine didn’t come on, so the phone just rang and rang. Lucky for me, my neighbor was home, and he left me to snuggle the kittens he and his wife are fostering while he broke into my place for me. (They are THE TINIEST, CUTEST LITTLE THINGS FULL OF MEWS AND PURRS AND AWWWW!) I am glad that he could easily break into my apartment, but also a little concerned about it, lol! I managed to get there just as the first jam started and took over for Yankee Scandal who had been drafted to track penalties in my absence (for which she was grateful, as she hadn’t done it before).

We were testing out shorter penalty minutes, first only for jammers, and then for everyone. There were practice scenarios, which we dutifully tried out, and then we did 30 minutes of annoyingly clean derby scrimmaging. It was pretty easy to do the timing during that portion, though I think the skaters felt like they weren’t sitting long enough when they were in the box as jammers. Then we ran the scenarios for everyone sitting for 30 seconds a penalty, and that also went well. Then Capps went to the refs and said “we want a clusterfuck of people going to the box to really test this out.” The refs, they did deliver! We had a nearly constantly full box, and several queues with skaters waved off to wait their turn for some penalty sitting. It was extremely hectic and since we usually have a few moments each bout where the box is THE PLACE TO BE so it wasn’t unrealistic, but it made it pretty clear to me that 30 second penalties for everyone is not doable when we also have to do paperwork. (We record the jam number, the skater’s number, the penalty they committed, and the times they sat, were told to stand, and were let go, as well as the time on the stopwatch when a jam is called, if it’s called while their serving time, as time between jams does not count as time served. So we stop the stopwatch between jams.)

Today I was in my parents’ neck of the woods, and as my mom has an unreasoning fear of Halloween, I headed their way for some brownie-points and to answer the door with my dad and protect my mom from any trick or treaters who try to force their way into the house and demand beer (I told you it was unreasoning!) I got free dinner and to avoid sitting in ridiculous amounts of traffic, and she got to admire childrens’ costumes safely ensconced in the bosom of her family. I arrived home to some potentially very good news that I will not jinx right now by talking about but fingers crossed you guys.

Saturday I’m NSOing with Free State up in Rockville!


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