On Saturday I NSOed with Free State’s Black Eyed Suzies for their season closer. I was timing penalties in the box and it made me really appreciate working a box run by Stan or Capps. The box was not badly run by any means, and I had a good time, but I felt a bit on my own about identifying penalty calls. Often, even if I miss the call, Stan or Capps will have caught it and mention it me that I’ve got someone coming in on a cut or a back block or whatever. This is really helpful. It’s also a drawback, since it meant that I was less than well-prepared to keep track of the calls myself, and I felt like I was behind because I had to keep waiting for the penalty board to get updated. I was also single-stopwatch timing, which I have done before but mostly do not do. Still, good experience.

As soon as I click “publish” I’m leaving for a DCRG home team scrimmage at the Armory. I dunno what my posting schedule will be like the rest of the week, as I’m going on a trip to meet the boy’s high school friends and his family, and celebrate the wedding of one of his friends. But I’ll have the laptop with me, and maybe I’ll put the WP app back on my phone for the trip, we’ll see. In the meantime, my guardcats will be prepared to eat all visitors except their caretakers, and will no doubt lay booby traps of vomit all about the apartment.


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