So last night at scrimmage we beta-tested some rules regarding pack destruction. The intention of these potential new rules is to keep the game moving and eliminate passive derby. It definitely kept the skaters moving, but I don’t know if the rules are viable in their current form. The problem with beta testing is that it’s new for everyone, and it’s easy for skaters and officials to get confused and frustrated. Generally our scrimmages and bouts are well run and organized, but when we ran the tests last night, things broke down a couple times and some angry words were thrown about. It’s easy to forget that everyone at a scrimmage is there for love of the game, whether they’re skating, coaching, or officiating, but we are. Officials are learning the beta rules with the skaters, and we’re all working to figure out if these new rules are useful in a 30 minute scrimmage. It’s a steep learning curve for all involved.

On the upside, we have a bunch of supplies for the NSOs-pencils, stopwatches, and clipboards! Whee! And the league seems to be entirely in agreement about not liking this particular set of potential rules. I was in the penalty box for the scrimmage, which I’m pretty comfortable with. Hope to be back in the middle next time we do a normal scrimmage though. Trying to spot calls when I’m working in the middle helps me spot them when I’m in the box (and vice versa). I miss scorekeeping, which I haven’t done since this summer, but it’s also what I consider to be the easiest, so I don’t really need the practice (and KGB and a scoreboard operator usually do the scorekeeping at our bouts, so there’s not a huge need for me to be in-practice).


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