I’m baaaaaaack

I actually got back late last week but I decided to wait for a full new week to start back here. Oregon was lovely; very pretty and so many trees! A bit more constantly grey than I necessarily like, but there were perks. Like The Boy’s friends and family, lots of delicious beer, and a full city block of Powell’s Books! Plus, everyone had at least one cat so I felt very much at home. WFTDA Champs were the same weekend that the trip overlapped, so I didn’t contact Rose City for potential sitting in on practices or NSOing at scrimmages while I was there, since they were most likely going to be watching the WFTDA.tv feed (and I figured that though it would be fun, I should focus on spending time with The Boy’s friends rather than new derby friends).

In other derby news, two of DC’s home teams played two of Charm City’s home teams again on Saturday. I NSOed for the Whips versus the Junkyard Dolls. It was an interesting experience; Charm does things a little differently than DC and Free State, with the penalty trackers behind the penalty box and the hot board in the center. (We don’t always have a hot board operator, but ours is outside past turn 2, with the penalty trackers in the infield.) It’s good because it gives the jam refs and inside pack refs much more room in the infield. It’s bad because it makes the sidelines a bit crowded. It’s less crowded than it would be if Charm used three penalty timers, like DC and Free State do, but they just use one with a laptop running penalty-timing software. It got hectic at times, and I don’t think it would work for DC. (Though I believe the software does the penalty-timing paperwork automatically, which helps.) I was hoping to start working out again today, but driving to Baltimore and back meant that my formerly-broken leg was wicked sore all day yesterday and today and I didn’t want to make it worse. So I’ll start tomorrow. (And thank all sorts of deities when I get insurance and the stupid plate taken out so it stops hurting when I use my calf muscles!)

This Saturday DCRG is having their November bout at the DC Armory (doors open at 3, wheels roll at 4! Only $15 bucks!) and then Sunday morning we’re doing the Thanksgiving scrimmage at Temple Hills Skate Palace! Skaters from area leagues sign up to skate on one of 4 teams according to WFTDA rules (though if dudes sign up, we do allow them to skate–there are a couple co-ed leagues in the area, so it’s not unusual). The teams are turkey, ham, cranberries and gravy. The coveted Golden Turkey awards go to every member of the winning teams!


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