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So. Despite sleeping through most of the night last night, my body insisted on staying in bed until 2 pm today. It did yesterday and the day before, as well, very much screwing with my plans for starting everything back up post-vacation this Monday, but today was supposed to absolutely fix that. Instead, no, sleeping until 2 pm again. What is it about that hour that makes my body say “this is when we should start our day! Whether it means sleeping 5 hours, 8 hours, or 14 hours, it is the perfect time to start things!” I mean really. I say. I mean, I SAY.

Once I got over the indignation that once again my body flagrantly flouted my impeccably laid plan for the day (about 12 minutes of pouting, all told) I got the heck up and decided to pretend it was 10 am anyway (because I got to bed a tad later than intended, otherwise that would read 8 or 9) and started with my Return to a Normal Diurnal Schedule plan. I had breakfast, set a timer to read and digest a bit, then got in my workout clothes and went to the park. I walked around the football and baseball fields at a moderate pace for a bit, cooled down by swinging on the swings for 5 minutes or so (I love the swings, you guys, I wish I had my own swing set. But the park is close enough that I sort of do, at least when kids are in school) and then took a long route around back to my building. So we’ve got both bad and good there.

I took a shower and started resting my sore ankle (trying out a hypothesis that icing, though it reduces immediate pain, prolongs the healing process in general and thus should be avoided for muscle injuries. Each time I drive to Baltimore the pain, though still surprisingly high, is lower, but lasts longer, so hopefully this helps both in the reducing pain levels and length of duration). I then discovered some serious issues with my student loan forebearances, so I have been dealing with those for the past several hours and generally being grumpy. But they’re fixed! So though very annoying, that is also good, and I am not being charged over a thousand dollars for the loan holder’s mistakes. Bad and good.

One of my cats peed behind the toilet while I was exercising, though, which, combined with Fitz’s newfound tendency to chew any plastic bags he can find (not just grocery bags, which are tucked away in a closet, but trash bags that are in use in trash cans, the bag holding my to-be-donated clothes, ANYTHING baglike and plastic really) makes me think I should double their wet food consumption, or possible just switch to only wet food. But my local grocery store often has super sales on canned food, so it may even work out to being similarly priced or even less costly than just dry food, so….again we have bad and good.

Now to clean up the various pet stains that come of Fitzy mostly not eating when I am gone and then gorging himself when I return only to regurgitate kibble and bile. (Kibble removed already, of course, but the wetter stains are easier cleaned when dried.) and then probably read for the evening. bad and good.

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