Exercising yesterday did not make for sleeping last night. I ended up getting up and reading until 5 am in the hopes that if I slept like, 5 hours, I could then, with sleep deprivation plus exercising today, sleep a full night tonight. Unfortunately my body had other plans. I slept until that blasted hour once more. I really don’t know what it is about 2pm that my body likes so much. VERY frustrating.

I went out again today, though, and walked a lot longer than I did yesterday, comfortably, so it looks like my body remembers that it likes working out. I’m just doing steady-state workouts right now, walking on a not-very-variable surface, so I’ve got an audiobook going in one ear (because listening for other people is good, and also, after tonight, because Fitz chewed one of the earbuds into uselessness so I can only hear anything through one anyway) to keep me entertained, since laps are not super exciting. If, as I hope, it plus melatonin will let me sleep through the night enough to get up at normal morning hours (FINGERS SO INCREDIBLY CROSSED YOU GUYS) then I’ll see a bit of where the Anacostia trail goes (which, apparently, is all over the damn place, since it’s up here), so we’ll get some variance in my heart rate and how hard my muscles have to work. Ankle wasn’t sore after walking tonight, either, so yay that! Although if tomorrow goes according to plan, it may be then, with the variance and all.

Time to sleep.


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