Tomorrow: Bout day! DC Armory. 4pm. Be there.
Sunday: Thanksgiving Scrimmage! Temple Hills. 9am. Be there.

My cats killed 5 drinking straws, drank Momma Soup seasoned with epsom salts (not much! I know the internal effects of epsom salts and I did NOT want to deal with THAT thank you very much!), got some new toys to hopefully stimulate them enough to keep them from chewing/eating everything AND got a new cardboard box to play/hide in! Yay! Also, this happened about an hour ago:
Fitzy: Is that canned food? Allow me to show my appreciation by standing up in front of you and headbutting you in the crotch.
Me: Uh, dude, bad touch!
Fitzy: *headbutts crotch*

He is SO WEIRD you guys.

(and to follow up on yesterday, I DID get up at a reasonable hour today and so far I have not taken any inadvertent naps, so go me)


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