This weekend was SO FULL OF DERBY! SO FULL! SEAMS BURSTING! ORGANS EXPLODING! ALL FULL OF DERBY! In non-derby news, I got up at reasonable times both Saturday and Sunday, though I really wanted to stay in bed Sunday. Today I sort of backslid, but no! I will fix this and tomorrow back to proper reasonable waking hours.

Saturday: home bout day! I spent the morning reading Doctor Sleep and getting ready for the day. I helped set up the projector screen (for the scoreboard) and got some food in me before working as a penalty timer with Capps and Don Gatto. It was a busy day in the box, so I didn’t get to watch as much as I did when I was a bouncer, but the scores were the Majority Whips 225 to the DemonCats 131, Cherryblossom Bombshells 121 to Scare Force’s 175. I timed the Whips and Scare Force’s penalties, and Gatto took the Cats and the Bombshells. Capps handled jammers from both teams. Things went pretty smoothly, and I felt pretty satisfied with myself. Gatto’s timed before but not done the paperwork, but he did fine too. After, I headed to Trusty’s for the after party to hang out with my league before TRYING to be Team Responsible and leaving at 9ish. (Then I was up reading until after midnight, hence the sleepiness, augmented by warm bed cold air syndrome in the Boy’s bedroom.)

(DC Demoncat Vicious Von Doom and Majority Whip Frak You. Photo taken by Pablo Raw, for whom Saturday’s bout was his first as an official league photographer!!)

Sunday morning, once I dragged my ass out of bed, I headed to Temple Hills for the Thanksgiving scrimmage. Skaters from six different area leagues took part. I was running a tiny bit behind (I got there with about 10 minutes to go before first whistle) and beelined for the box, since that’s what I often end up doing. I borrowed some stopwatches from Mr. Mystery and settled down in the box, but then Pants came by and said that KGB wanted me to help with scorekeeping. I let Stan, who was running the box know (she very cutely said “well fine, I didn’t want to hang out with you anyway!” lol) and headed over. KGB had announced at the bout the night before that he’d be retiring from the Head NSO position at the end of the season. Since he usually runs the scoreboard, that means he has to teach someone else to run it, so Pants and I each took a turn running it! It was easy and fun, although I had to work at remembering to click “stop jam” at the end of the jam. And since we don’t normally have the computer-y scoreboard at scrimmages, there were some scorekeeping duties we learned then rather than at previous scrimmages, like telling the scoreboard operator the points after every scoring pass, and which team got lead jammer. So that was new and fun too!

We had 6 30-minute matches. The teams were Turkey (brown), Ham (pink), Cranberry Sauce (red), and Gravy (gray). At the end of the day, Ham reigned victorious over the other Thanksgiving foods, Blair Knuckles won best dressed (she had a beak, a fuzzy waddle, and a beautiful colorful turkey tail! At least when she was off-skates.) Afterward, Screwy Decimal, Roll Weevil, Mr. Mystery, and Dread Astaire joined me for lunch at Franklin’s to enjoy good food and beer and talk derby. Though I was very tired, I felt juiced on yay derby vibes for the rest of the day. 🙂


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