The Boy and I are joining some derby folk at a ref’s orphans Thanksgiving. My folks are probably gonna have chicken and a couple trimmings, or turkey loaf and trimmings. Mom likes skipping all the hoopla of the holidays, and I like the pricetag that comes with only making a side dish. Plus events at Wags’ always involve fun games! Of course, between now and Thursday I get to wonder if I should double the recipes….

Been cleaning and moving furniture around in preparation for Christmas tree trimming! I used to make a tradition of waiting until the Army-Navy game to put up the tree (because my dad protests putting the tree up before Christmas Eve, and it’s our compromise) but I love Christmas too much to allow some random enforced waiting period! Just need to vacuum the living room and I am ready! The tree might even go up before Thursday, because the middle section needs some bulbs replaced, But trimming will wait until after turkey is eaten and naps are taken.

The kittens really like the rearrangement, they’re running around like turkeys with no heads, the goofs! It makes the apartment look smaller, though. Hopefully it’s the novelty they like, and when I change it back in January they’ll be equally jubilant.

This year, I’m thankful, more than ever, for roller derby. The community, the camaraderie, the magic of being on skates. I’m thankful my family can help me while I’m looking for work. I’m thankful for the Boy and all the support and joy he gives me, and that he continues to do so even when I’m at my worst.



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2 responses to “Thanksgiving

  1. This is why I’m glad we celebrate Thanksgiving in October. Gives much more breathing space between and I can happily put up my decorations and start playing Christmas music a month before the big day. 🙂

    I’m hoping to buy my tree tonight and put it up on the weekend before I have my Open House the following weekend. I had to throw out my tree last year as it fell down almost as soon as I decorated it – and broke a couple of ornaments – and I had to prop it up to get it to stay. 😦 I’d had it for many years, but it’s really hard to find a small (3-4 foot) tree, especially one that is not ‘pre-lit’.

    I hope you enjoy your Thanksgiving dinner – most of my dinner parties are ‘orphans’ ones, too. What are you taking as a side dish?

    • yeah, when we got my tree we discovered that un-pre-lit trees cost a LOT more than the lit ones. VERY annoying.

      I’m bringing mashed potatoes and parmesan puffs. We’ll be cooking them at The Boy’s place, and hopefully I can get him to take part in my personal thanksgiving tradition of watching Pangs and A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving 😉

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