Today was very productive and I got up before 10 am so today was successful! I got up, I did shit that needed to be done, and I’m gonna do it all again tomorrow.

Although spending an hour at Home Depot because they couldn’t find any of the 34 iterations of the one thing I needed was annoying. But still! I got a lot of every day chore stuff done, and I have even more job leads and if I can just get a job everything will be perfect. Let’s all cross our fingers, yes? I want me some work. I had tons of energy today, too. I wonder if I should talk to Susy Pow and Merry Khaos about working at the gym they work at. It’d suck, commute-wise, until I move in with the boy, assuming that, you know, I did, which I need a job to do because my debts are a threat to his security clearance otherwise, but if I had a job it would allow me to and thus the problem would be solved. Huzzah! And then I stopped babbling.


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