you guys. I have not slept at all. I wanted to sleep. I went to bed. I turned out the lights. I shoved my feet under my cats. I closed my eyes. I tossed and turned and now I’m pretty sure I could fall asleep but it’s 8:42am and that seems like a bad plan. The alarm is set for 10:30am so I can avoid sleeping forever on those days when my brain is all “lets sleep for 18 hours, it’ll be fun!” without it being likely that it’ll wake me before I’ve gotten 6-7 hours. If I went to sleep now, I’d probably wake into a migraine of epic proportions. I do not want to do that. If I turn off the alarm, I will miss the business hours of my leasing center and my student loan holders, all of whom I have to do business with today. Plus I’ll be all nocturnal. And I’m not so much into that either. But I have literally yawned 5 times just in the time (3 minutes!) it’s taken me to type all this. Just reading the word “yawn” is infecting me with yawns. I am officially in the land of the bad decision dinosaur. All my decisions are suspect, because they are made on 0 seconds sleep.

I can’t wait until I have insurance again and can a) safely tire myself out on skates, b) go to the doctor if that doesn’t tire me out and c) just have one less thing to worry about. Fingers crossed my application gets dealt with before the year ends, and I get to actually have insurance come Jan. 1st.

so. tired. ooh but I’m acting on a decision I made the other day to add an “insomnia” tag. that’s exciting! Or I am delirious from exhaustion.


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