Dear Santa

As you know, because I got yelled at one year when, in high school, I didn’t give my mom a christmas list, I still write them. Yes. I turn 33 in a few weeks and I still write a christmas list. (although the past few years I just make a special amazon wishlist and email it, but still, it’s the same thing basically. One year I did it on pinterest, but then I realized my dad, who does the bulk of the interneting for my parents, wouldn’t know how to use pinterest and had to include a list of instructions on how to actually get to the product pages.) I am a greedy, materialistic little brat, and my mom starts shopping for christmas pretty much before boxing day even dawns (well, really, she starts in June. but STILL.) which means that I give them a small list in September and then spend the next 3 months emailing “oh and these are some things I need too.”

And I want ALL of those things, I’m not gonna lie. And a few others besides. So I can’t really say “all I want for Christmas is a job.” Because I want a whole buttload of other things. And, since I enjoy a Miracle on 34th Street and also not worrying about becoming homeless, a house is one of those things. But really, the most important thing you can bring me, Santa, though it won’t really go under the tree, is a job. Specifically, one that is in the DC area, pays okay, and is interesting.

If not for Christmas, well, my birthday is in a few weeks….



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2 responses to “Dear Santa

  1. I was never good at writing out Christmas wish lists. The one year I did and looked forward to receiving things I’d asked for, nothing was right! I have a friend who has asked me to give her sme hints as to what I want/would like. What I really like now are gift cards so I can get what I want/need, when I want or need it. I did think of a couple of things though – mattress cover and new pillow. The latter I’m kind of picky about though. 😦

    • My mom still tells the story of my sixth Christmas. My list was very extensive and because I was a conscientious child I included light bulbs and batteries. My mom no longer remembers that I wanted them (well, mostly) to go into other items on the list. (And one for my closet, because it was getting dark in there.)

      These days, when I use amazon, my dad will print out the list for her, and she’ll get me almost what I ask for. (Like my first year in the apartment, I wanted a very specific, not-too-warm duvet, and a plain black bedskirt. I got a lacy white bedskirt and a duvet I very rarely actually sleep under)

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