Hey, today’s Monday! December Bout Report

I just noticed. Oops. Oh well.

So! Saturday was DCRG’s December bout (as well as Season’s Beatings down in River City and the Battle of the AllStars in Bethlehem, PA all weekend. Go Team Maryland!) and it was a good time! Pants and I joined KGUsedtoB at the scoreboard table and kept score for both bouts, which was very exciting! It’s easier to watch a little derby, I think, when scorekeeping rather than penalty tracking or timing. Doing both of those I find myself watching the refs like a hawk, but with scorekeeping I can keep one eye on the pack before the jammers bust out of the pack, when they’re not in the engagement zone, and when they’re in the box. (And if there’s a really tough wall, a bit when they’re in the engagement zone, too.) Pants even ran the scoreboard for half of the first bout.

Speaking of the score, this was an exciting bout! First up we had the DC Demoncats versus Scare Force One. SF has been almost completely undefeated since I started volunteering with DCRG and even when I’ve seen them lose, it was by only a few points. SF and the Cats both had full rosters but I believe SF didn’t have any alternates. They had two skaters foul out. Several of the star skaters for SF were in fine form, but the team as a whole looked like it was having a hard time working with some absences, and with the Cats at top form, the bout ended with a pretty big gap between the teams’ scores. DCDC won with 164 points to SF1’s 128.

At half time, Standard Deviant sat in front of an AWESOME original Witchcrafty banner (snowman derby skaters, one of whom was stabbed through the heart with a nose-carrot!) in a Santa costume to do pictures for the kids. A few kids took pics with S(t)anta, but a lot more skaters and adult fans did! And Stanta sat on head ref Limbs Akimbo’s lap!

After the half it was time for the Majority Whips to take on the Cherry Blossom Bombshells. Both teams have been doing well this season, and I expected a close game. The scores stayed close for the first half of the bout due to great defense from both teams, but the Whips defense was stronger than the Bombshells offense this time around. In the end, the Whips were victorious, winning 177-90.

From what I hear, the Bombshells won the after party, though! I had a holiday party at a friend’s to go to so missed out on that fabulousness. Tomorrow, Team Maryland and the DC Allstars are scrimmaging, which will be fun. I think only one DC skater was on Team Maryland (Whips and Pains, who is off skates for a while due to a broken bone! *sad trombone*) so our All Stars will be skating against the best from Charm City, Mason Dixon, Key City, and Free State!


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