DCRG Travel Team/Team MD scrimmage

first off, got a few things wrong in yesterday’s post: 1, Scare Force only had 11 skaters (14 is a full roster) and one was injured early on. 2, there were a few more DC skaters on Team Maryland than I realized. I dunno why I only remembered Whips ‘n’ Pains being on the team, as Condoleeza Slice, Jackie Mae Day, and Ridin’ Dirty skated with Team Maryland tonight.

Neither KGUsedtoB nor Capps were there tonight, so Pants and I were sort of in charge of the NSOing. We got together with Danny (the other regular NSO who came tonight) and doled out positions: Pants ran the box using a penalty-timing app on my cell phone, Nina Ninja helped me out with score keeping, Oxford Commakaze jam timed, and Danny penalty-tracked (as he just about always does–he trained me in penalty tracking).

At the start, it was super-close. For a bit, the teams were tied. Then Team MD got a power jam and started running away with the lead. For a while, it looked like Team Maryland was going to win handily, though not by the huuuuuge margin they might have preferred (DC’s defense was working hard!) Then DC started getting power jams and took the lead (by 6 points) by the time the first half ended. Half time was only like 5 minutes, but whatever went on in DC’s huddle was solid gold, and when the second half started they held Team Maryland scoreless for, if I recall correctly, 11 or 12 jams, while scoring at least a couple points each jam themselves. Though DC gave team Maryland a few power jams (including the last jam of the scrimmage), Maryland gave DC more and at the end of the night, DC was victorious by exactly 20 points. (One more power jam for MD would likely have tied things up, but there’s only so much derby you can squeeze into 2 thirty-minute halves!)

Now as an NSO, I have to be impartial, obviously. But in my heart of hearts I was cheering on my friends (both on the DC All-Stars and on Team Maryland). I was telling Ninja that the hardest part of NSOing is not cheering on friends or shouting advice. I never do it, but sometimes I want to, especially at scrimmages for some reason (maybe because there are skaters I don’t necessarily know participating?) Ah, well. Since we need to know skaters’ numbers for score keeping, after the first half was over I was amused when Ninja told me that she was gonna go home and make sure all her shirts have her number on them. 🙂


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