Condom-eating Cats and Sleeping

so the most popular searches that lead people to my blog are either my blog’s name or variations on “my cat ate a condom.” And though that’s a super fun post, I thought that in case someone is coming because their cat actually ate a condom (or a balloon, or string, or ribbon!) rather than just coming to share the hilarity with someone, I’d offer some advice.

This is a life-threatening issue for your cat. Call the vet! DO IT. And if this happens often (as it does with my big dumb orange cat) then go to 1800petmeds and order a bottle of laxatone. Give it to your trouble-making jerk cat every week whether you see him eating something he shouldn’t or not (because chances are, he or she just waited until you weren’t looking/at home anyway).

I’ve been having more sleep issues. On Tuesday, I got up around 11:30. I was up until 4pm today, when I decided I would take a 3 hour nap. I was not even a tiny bit sleepy until around 3pm today. So this evening when my lovely friend CH mentioned f.lux on facebook it reminded me to finally get off my ass and download it. I got twilight and sleep as android, too, for my phone, so hopefully we’ll knock this crap out and sleep like a normal human again soon.


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