Sleep update and holiday stuff

I think I’m doing much better with sleeping, but it’s hard to say because I am also finding myself wanting to sleep more. I’ve been using Sleep as Android to track my sleeping habits and also help regulate how much sleep I get, and I like it. Also been using f.lux to regulate the light output from my laptop so my body produces it’s own melatonin again, and I only needed to take a melatonin pill the first two nights. But after a couple nights of good sleep that left me waking refreshed after 8 hours, I find that my body wants to sleep much more than 8 hours. From the tracking, I had fewer incidences of REM sleep the nights I slept for 8 hours and got up easily than the nights I wanted to sleep more. Gonna see if I can get The Twenty-Four Hour Mind from the library and see if it can shed some light on how to fix it so I sleep well and not for a ridiculous number of hours.

For Christmas my folks got me some sports bras I asked for (because the S-M-L type do not hold my boobs down if I have to do any jumping but the kind with cup sizes cost a billion dollars) but it seems that my band size has increased and the cup-size style sports bras have no stretch at all in their band (which may be a brand thing or may be a “hold those girls DOWWWWWWWN” thing) so I have to exchange them. But the ones I asked for are all out of stock in most sizes and amazon doesn’t know when they’ll get more, so I have to figure out a new bra to exchange these ones for. Most of my presents were of a practical nature, but they were all things I asked for (except for the 5 containers of lotion and 3 of body wash–I told mom I was totally stocked up on those but I guess that put them in her head when she was shopping, so…) so I’m not disappointed. Plus, my sister-in-law got me the most extravagant, decadent gift I can imagine, with is a 6 month subscription to glossy box (beauty products, which I almost certainly would never justify buying myself!) I got some lovely Christmas cards, too. The Boy and I went to my parents’ place for Christmas day, and we watched lots of Game of Thrones (which they let me set their DVR to record when I was there in April) and skyped with family in Europe and with my brother and nephews, who had their Christmas today due to my bro’s work schedule. It was a good holiday, with very little fighting (which is rare-ish, my mom and I are good at butting heads.) Having The Boy with me helped with that a lot.

The kitties are delighted to smell all the new things I brought home, and since one of my presents was a vacuum (which is, naturally, in a large box) they are excited to have a new height from which to survey all that is theirs (which is everything, duh). 2013 has been more crappy than not, probably because I thought 2012 was crappy and 2013 should respond by being awesome and it wanted to take me down a peg. But rather than learn my lesson, I’m going to hope that 2014 is better, not just for me but for all of you (even if your 2013 was great!)


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