Last Days of the Year

I meant to post last week after the holiday, but life intervened, as it so often will. Let’s see if I can get everything recapped without making the longest post ever.

Starting the weekend before Christmas:
Holiday Scrimmage! So much fun. It was similar to our fundraising Fun Bout at the start of season seven-at the fun bout, people paid to alter the game, like make a jam happen in non-derby direction or to send someone to the box or make a ref jam. For the scrimmage, we had a hat filled with slips of paper. Some had specific tasks (non-derby direction) and some said “NSOs choice,” “Ref’s choice,” etc. The last jam, everyone on both teams skated and we had 4 jammers (2 per team) it was riDONK! But fun. I kept score with Comma, except for that last jam, where we TRIED but OMG no.

Worked out on Sunday but I don’t remember anymore what I did. Basically not arms, really.

Christmas eve was lovely. It’s the Boy’s birthday, and we watched Bad Santa and Die Hard while drinking copiously. His roommate made us all dinner first, and we had a delicious cake I made. Puppy and another friend joined us for the movies. Christmas day The Boy and I went and visited my parents and watched lots of Game of Thrones on their DVR and ate all their food.

The day after Christmas, a friend was having a hard time and I drove to Manhattan to help her out. Driving to Manhattan at 10pm means there are few enough people on the NJ Turnpike that you can basically avoid the idiots. Returning to DC at 7pm Friday night, however, means you deal with all those idiots you missed, times ten.

I got a nasty cold, either because night time driving means less sleep means weakened immune system, or because of all the rest stops I peed at and the money I handled for tolls (I cannot believe how much I spent on tolls. seriously. I’d say never again but we all know if my girl needs me, it’ll happen again) and I spent most of yesterday asleep. But between my Emergen-C Immune Support fizzies, half a hot toddy, and a dose of nyquil cold and flu, (plus tons of sleep of course) I’m feeling pretty good today. Gonna have me a shower with the storebrand version of these guys and get up and get the day started. (yes, at noon. Shut up, I was sick! :p)


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