and a happy new year

Okay. So 2013 took the time out of it’s busy end-of-the-year schedule to kick me a couple more times before leaving; unemployment ended a week early (I was to get 26 weeks between May 2013 and May 2014, I got 25 weeks) and one of the companies holding my student loans are charging me late fees because they didn’t direct-debit my balance like they’re supposed to, so now I have no money coming in and have lots of money that needs to go out. *sad trombone* I’m hoping this is just a last ditch effort of the universe to be mean to me before everything starts going well (or, you know, the one thing that needs to, ie my job search) in the new year.

Retrospective: 2013 was largely sucky. I lost both my grandfathers and a great aunt, I was unemployed for 10 months out of the year, and I almost started living in my car. But I also gained financial support from my parents, had constant emotional support from The Boy and from friends, and got to stay in my sweet apartment with my cats. I only had minor health issues, which believe me is a victory. I guess we’ll call 2013 a wash.

Last night The Boy and I celebrated with Screwy and Roll Weevil, two of DCRG’s refs, playing games and being accosted by my cats. Before that, we were gonna go to Smoke & Barrel, but due to my leg issues (and a headache earlier in the day) I decided to skip that (though we will return for taco tuesday sometime in January!) though The Boy went and apparently it was awesome (jerk! just kidding!)

Looking forward: I’m expecting a bit better of you, 2014. Nothing fancy, but if we could refrain from losing family members and include gaining employment over the next 12 months, you will have a resounding victory over your predecessor. The earlier in the year the latter happens, the more sweeping your victory will be! Over the year, I resolve to push myself to network more with other librarians and archivists rather than let my social anxiety about socializing with strangers; to find gainful employment; to get this damn plate out of my leg ASAP so I can and try out for DCRG without worrying about the random aches and pains it seems to cause*; to move in with The Boy (once I achieve gainful employment and hold the job for a while).

Breaking these down, we’re gonna start with attending two librarian networking things in January. I will keep up with my current process of applications, but also work the personal connection angle the networking events will hopefully afford me. I’ll work on improving my diet (to be more specific later) and exercising more regularly and skating at least once a week again (once I have insurance, which is the bar to plate-removal as well). As for the last, well, I just have to fulfill resolution number 2 with a permanent position somewhere.

*Oh! I didn’t even tell you! I spent the 29th hobbling around on one crutch because the NY trip made my muscles mad! I hover my foot over the brake when I use cruise control, and that does NOT please the calf muscles. I couldn’t walk for a few hours Monday, and even after I could walk without limping, my leg is swollen and mega-sore to the touch.



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2 responses to “and a happy new year

  1. I’m not sure I should like this post! I do wish 2014 is much better to you. I don’t like you still having problems with your leg!

    • I should have insisted on a referral to another doc when mine refused to even consider taking the plate out last spring, so it’s at least partly my fault. Most of the time it’s fine, but when I exercise I can feel muscles move over the plate, and if I overexercise it’s sore for a long time, though this is the first time it’s been so bad.

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