Best Laid Plans

So today was supposed to go like this: I’d wake up around 9:30 or 10, Get the dishes all washed up and watch lots of season one episodes of Justified (which I saw when they aired, but I want a refresher for when I get to the episodes in season 3 or 4 that I missed totally) while I took down the tree and vacuumed the entire apartment. I’d also get the package that the USPS was SUPPOSED to pick up on Saturday to the post office so it would stop sitting in my apartment.

Instead, I woke up around 10:30 with just enough of a headache that it wasn’t until noon that I attempted to shower, then I futzed and screwed around and did lots of nothing (and took in a couple episodes of Justified–I love me some Timothy Olyphant and Walton Goggins) and then realized it was 4 freaking o’clock and if I wanted to get rid of that package today I damn well better get going. I hit the PO and the Rite Aid, where I spent $15 I didn’t really have to spend on some discount cough drops, some generic ibuprofen (because mine, which I bought like 2 weeks ago, has gone 100% totally missing, and the apartment is so clean there is only one explanation*), and some store brand day/night cold remedy pills before hightailing it back home, where I took some of that ibuprofen and napped for three-and-a-half hours with an ice pack on my head and the same episode of Thrilling Adventure Hour repeating itself in my ears.

Yesterday was also an exercise in “close but no cigar.” It was my 33rd birthday (yay!) and the Boy and I were going to go to the aquarium up in Baltimore. I love the aquarium; it’s one of my favorite places in the world. But the weather called for freezing rain in the morning and regular rain on and off all day so we didn’t go (though it turned out that the freezing rain stayed to the west of us and the regular rain stayed in the clouds, at least here). We stayed in and snuggled and had some belgian waffles (yum!) and around 3 went up to Franklins with the intention of only getting some dessert (we ate specifically so we wouldn’t order lots at Franklins) and instead got an appetizer, two desserts and two root beers. (The Boy was experiencing a little stomach upset and thought maybe some protein would help. It did not, really. I had a slice of key lime pie that appeared to be 1/4 of the entire pie, YUM, with a little candle in it, and the wait staff very sweetly did NOT sing, yay, and he got a piece of chocolate cake, and we demolished my pie and about a third of his cake and then took the rest home.) Meanwhile, I guess my mom was, until I invited her and dad to the aquarium the week before, expecting me to come over for my birthday but didn’t tell me this so was a little put out that I “blew them off” but whatever, she enjoys playing the martyr and we had a perfectly pleasant conversation because I didn’t listen to my messages before returning her phone call and I chatted with my grandmother, whose birthday is today. In general it was a good day, even if it wasn’t what I was planning for.

Saturday was a shit day for no real reason except that depression lies and it was working overtime, but I’m still here so suck it, depression.

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