It’s Wicked Cold Out

so I stayed in today. I’ve been complaining on FB about the heat in my apartment–the hall, bathroom, and bedroom are all several degrees colder than the living/dining room and kitchen (where most of the vents are) and even with 60% of the living room and kitchen vents closed (which is all I CAN close) to force more air into the bedroom, there is a significant difference in temperature. I sent an email to my leasing office last week (because I couldn’t verbally tell them what was up) and haven’t heard back from them (which is incredibly unusual and if I could just remember to get off my butt and go down during office hours to see why, I would, but yesterday’s nap threw off today’s sleep schedule a bit). Last week, Deadly Lamarr suggested I spend $20 bucks on a space heater from amazon, and I pointed out that I couldn’t afford it because my unemployment payments ran out (I am now receiving them again, or at least I was able to file for them, so I will not starve or freeze to death!). I realized over the weekend that the heat is blowing in the bedroom, it’s just that it stays within a foot or two of the ceiling, and the rest of the room be damned. My dad says this is not how heating systems work, but it is how mine has worked for the several years I’ve lived here. (He says that when the heat is on, the vents near the ceiling are supposed to switch to intake and the ones near the floor to outflow. I only have one vent near the floor, and the rest are in the ceiling, and none of them suck air in, afaik. If any of them do, it’s the big one near the floor, which is behind my tv.)

Today, I was chillin’ on the couch after having vacuumed my apartment (got the rest of yesterday’s to do list done) and there was a knock at my door. The UPS man came with a package for me! What could it be? (You probably know, because of my lead in, but I didn’t have that benefit!)
Mystery Box. What could it be?
Mystery Box. What could it be?
a space heater!
A space heater from Deadly!
cat in a box
and as an added bonus, the cats get a new box.


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