My adventures in getting insurance

So back in November I signed up for health insurance on the Maryland Health Exchange (the ACA site for MD–they didn’t use the federal one here). It took two tries, and I got signed up a little after Thanksgiving (I tried earlier in the month but it wouldn’t let me submit the application).

Around Christmas, I checked the website again because I hadn’t heard anything and my application was listed as “pending.”

Yesterday I checked AGAIN, and it was still listed as pending, but then late last night (like 11:30) I logged in to give a friend some info (she has connections with the health care world, and was hoping to get me in touch with a person *gasp* rather than just give me a number to call, but needed to know what plan that works with medicaid I had signed up with, and I couldn’t remember) and it said I was approved, but I couldn’t get any more information than that and the website started returning to the front page whenever I clicked on anything.

Today I dug up the MD medicaid number, and they told me who I should ACTUALLY call, and then I sat on hold for a while before speaking with a super helpful woman named Theresa, who told me that I was approved but that their records of my address was wrong, my phone number was missing, and the medical questions I answered on the web site were unanswered. So we fixed all that and she got me signed up with a primary care doc and I should be getting stuff in the mail in about a week. Yay!

I don’t know if I should have started calling back in December or what. It would have been good to know before now that my application didn’t work, but wouldn’t it have been as busy then? Apparently I was supposed to have a packet to give me an idea of which health plan to go with (the website had a comparison chart of services and also user rankings for certain areas, the packet was supposed to serve the same purpose) and I couldn’t remember who I had selected when I enrolled via the website, so I had to sort of wing it, but Theresa read out the differences for me. She couldn’t tell me if one was better than the others though.

*eyes Temple Hills rink* SOON.


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