My leg hurts.

Okay, so I literally had nothing to say Thurs and Friday. Sorry. But guess what, it’s SNOWING and the cats are like “whoa, look at that stuff flying around!” I suspect Zelda is also happy that she does not have to be out in it.

This was a super action packed weekend! And now my leg isn’t speaking to me anymore. Or supporting me, much. I didn’t realize how many calories I was burning every bout day as head bouncer (and how few I burn as an NSO, staying in one place for the whole bout). It was really good exercise. Since I stopped (and then started slacking more than not over the summer) I’ve been gaining a lot of weight. I knew, but I didn’t realize quite how much until one of our (very sweet) volunteers congratulated me on my pregnancy. Ouch. Anyway, I’m super out of shape and I not only tried to recreate my former bout day run-around-get-everything-done glory but I helped the Boy move and map his outlets/lights/circuit breakers in his new place, which has a LOT of stairs for a 1-story house. So my leg is really mad at me. Saturday through Monday, constant use beyond walking around the apartment means that starting Saturday night, I was super sore. I took a 2 hour epsom salt bath at 11pm on Saturday. Sunday I mostly rested but then it was time to help the Boy get the cat to the new house! Very important, not to miss! Sunday night I fell asleep fantasizing about wrapping my ankle with an ace bandage, no joke. I’m using my crutch today because last night my leg was throbbing and even having fabric or cat fur brush the skin was painful. Without the crutch I have to waddle-limp, and that is just no good.

But why am I telling you all this when SATURDAY WAS BOUT DAY!!! While I was running around like a beheaded chicken (or sitting and watching!!!) the Bombshells and the Demoncats, followed by Scare Force and the Whips had some CRAZY EXCITING games! Both games basically followed this template: one team takes the lead. The other almost catches up, ties the game, then the leading team puts on the rocket skates in the last few minutes. There were variations of course, but that was basically it. I didn’t get to watch nearly as much as I wanted, even though I actually took the time to sit down and only watch the first half of the second bout. Final scores: DC DemonCats defeat Cherry Blossom Bombshells, 143-103 and Scare Force One defeats Majority Whips, 183-164. But those scores barely even tell half the story. The fans (and there were a LOT of fans in attendance!) went WILD over every point the Bombshells and the Whips scored on their opponents (especially during the latter game–during the last few minutes of the bout, Whips tied it up and the stomping, screaming, and cheering was ridiculous! It was some fantastic derby to watch, but don’t take my word for it: listen to it yourself!! Thanks to SLZE Sports for covering our bouts every month! Nina Ninja and Queen Kamayhemmayhem are helping with the commentary on this one.


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