Bombshells/Demoncats Scrimmage

Penalty timed at a scrimmage today between the Demoncats and the Bombshells. It was pretty par for the course, except that Stan was lineup tracking and jammer penalty timing (for the most part the one didn’t interfere with the other, and the other penalty tracker and I helped her out with lineups when we could) and that one of the Bombshells hurt her knee. I’m not sure exactly what happened but I actually teared up when she was on the floor making hurt noises. She iced her knee and went off skates, I think for the rest of the scrimmage. When I was getting ready to go after, she was taping her knee with what I am assuming was KT tape. Hopefully it won’t keep her down long!

DCRG is about to kick off their Rec League! If you wanna try out derby, or know you wanna play but can’t commit to the time a full league requires, try the rec league!!

The February bout is already upon us! Saturday, 2/1 at the Armory! This is our last Armory bout of the season, due to scheduling conflicts. The rest will be at Temple Hills or Dulles Sportsplex. Buy tickets ahead of time, or sign up to volunteer! Two hours of work gets you in for free!


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