February Bout Report

Saturday was a crappy day for me on the personal front, but on the derby front it was almost entirely awesome. The officials had a pre-bout brunch at Stan’s place, which was super fun, but all the delicious food resulted in some sluggishness when we had to leave for the armory. Next time we’ll have to build in some nap time between food and the bout, lol.

The first matchup was between the Cherry Blossom Bombshells and Scare Force One and it was a nailbiter! I was back in the box this month so I was busy timing penalties and doing paperwork, but I had time to watch the score yo-yo back and forth as the lead switched several times! The Bombshells started out with a 50 point lead early on, then SF1 crept up there, too! Until the last couple jams it was, quite literally, anyone’s game. In the end, SF1 won by a mere 10 points, 174 to the Bombshells 164.

The second bout of the day was between the Majority Whips and the DC Demoncats. I was busier this bout than I had been for the previous one so I didn’t get time to sneak peeks at the score. Both teams were playing down (with fewer people than allowed on the roster) and I think maybe the pressure of not having so deep a bench might have lead to a bit of sloppiness on the track. One of the Whips got injured halfway through the second half, fairly seriously. The EMTs taped up her knee to make it immobile and parked her next to the bench in a wheelchair to watch the bout and then another skater took her to the ER afterward. It was really scary, and I wasn’t even the one hurt. It was a little hard to get back into work mode when we started back up again, and I accidentally forgot to tell Vicious Von Doom to stand when it was 10 seconds before she’d be leaving the box, though I still released her on time (no extra time in the box because of my mistake, luckily!) In the end, the score was Majority Whips 134 DC DemonCats 118.


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