Sunday Scrimmage with River City

On Sunday, DCRG’s travel team scrimmaged with River City Rollergirls! When I arrived there was just one ref and no other NSOs but by the time the first whistle blew we had 5 NSOs and 3 refs, so while there were no outside pack refs or lineup trackers, we managed to get everything else done! I ran the box alone using a penalty timer app on my phone, Pants and SF1 skater Kilted Killer* kept score, and 2 of our regular infield NSOs tracked penalties and timed the jams and periods. I did box paperwork, too, though I didn’t keep track of what penalties skaters committed (it was too hard when multiple calls came around the same time). Wreck Support was head ref for the scrimmage (and head refs tend to oversee all officials, particularly if the head NSOs can’t make it) and told me he was impressed I managed to do paperwork at all, so go me! Because there were only three refs, we had one Inside Pack Ref and two jam refs trying to catch all the penalties so I’m sure there were probably some missed, but no one complained (at least not that I heard). There were a few skaters that weren’t sure why they got called for things, and I don’t know if they got explanations or not–I couldn’t supply any because I didn’t get much of a chance to watch. The box was busy (but not overwhelming, or I’d have ditched the paperwork) mostly with River City Skaters. I got the feeling that their refs’ judgement calls don’t quite mesh with ours’, but they adjusted and really cleaned up a lot during the second half (especially the second half of the second half). I feel like if derby was 3 periods instead of 2, they’d have been in the box as rarely as DC (which is still, I’m sure, not as rarely as any of them, RC or DC, would like!)

*SF1 had practice at the rink before the scrimmage, so some of the travel team skaters were skating from 8 until almost 1! And Kilty volunteered to help NSO since we were short.


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