Travel Team trip to South Carolina

Last weekend, DCRG kicked off it’s travel season. I wasn’t gonna post about it because I wasn’t there, but Frak’s got the lowdown for you.


Carrying out the DC flag before Saturday's bout. Credit Phil Lackey Carrying out the DC flag before Saturday’s bout. Credit Derby Pics by Phil

Sometimes I get really tired of practicing. It’s a lot after a long day at work, and frankly it is hard. I’m not naturally the world’s most athletic person, so learning to skate, then play derby, then actually play somewhat effectively has been an uphill battle. But it all feels so worth it when everything comes together, and your team kicks ass.

We traveled down to South Carolina last weekend to play two teams: the Columbia Quad Squad and the Blue Ridge Rollergirls. Our A and B teams played the A and B teams from both leagues, for a total of 4 bouts. I skated in both B team bouts and warmed the bench for the second A team bout. Scores (as pulled from FTS because I never remember scores):

  • A: CQS 193 – DC 155
  • B:…

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