Black and White scrimmage

Last night DCRG had a league scrimmage. We had a full complement of refs, including visiting refs from the Five 40 Roller Girls, who were learning how to ref, I think. (I heard Ripper explaining how to OPR, which is why I think they were learning.) We had a mostly full complement of NSOs too (no lineup trackers, because KGB didn’t see the need for them at a scrimmage, and the head ref timed the jams). I kept score with Screwy Decimal as my jam ref.

Normally when it’s just our league skaters, I have an easier time not wanting to cheer because I’ve got friends on both teams regardless. But when there are girls I learned to skate with skating, I really have to bite my tongue. Surly Jackson had a 35 point power jam last night and I was so excited for her! She’s come so far in such a short time. And in the second half I was so excited that the team I was tracking fielded Scarebender as a jammer! And then worried because she got hurt (legal hit, but when she landed in the infield it looked like there was some whiplash action. She sat out the rest of the scrimmage but was okay, and anticipating a sore neck in the morning).

Before the scrimmage I sat down with Beaver Receiver’s kids (who were climbing the closed bleachers, and Don Gatto tried to get them to stop in case they fell, but they weren’t listening, so I got up and pulled them down) and they told me all about training to be spiderman and making their hands and feet sticky and that their favorite colors were green and red. They are, I think, just a little younger than my nephews, and equally tow-headed. They started showing me how high they could jump. Then they got silly.


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