Bout Report and good news

Sunday March 2nd we had our first March bout. Both bouts this month are single-headers, which is why we’re having two. This one was DC Demoncats vs Scare Force One.

We’ve scrimmaged a lot at Temple Hills but I don’t think we’ve ever bouted there, so this was a morning of discovering and then solving problems, sprinkled liberally with the low, zombie-like moan of Officials Without Coffee in the Morning. Fortunately, we got coffee (for those that needed/wanted it) and got the various issues worked out (where to put announcers/how they’d be heard by the fans, where to put SLZE, where to put the box, where to set up the projector/scoreboard screen, etc) well before doors were open to admit fans.

I was in the box, which was a bit more crowded than usual, because the smaller space meant we had the line-up trackers in with us too, and the benches were a bit closer to the box than they usually are, too*. I timed SF’s penalties. The box was well-trafficked but not super busy most of the time. The chairs we were using (which the rink provided) were pretty flimsy, so before the bout began, some of the Demoncats were practicing sitting down without flinging themselves and their seats into the officials, which made us all laugh but I think actually came in handy a bit. At the scrimmage last week before the skating started there was an emphasis placed on not coming in hot, as well, because a) injuring your crew is never good and b) we can penalize skaters if you do! Fortunately, it went fine–there was one mishap early on with the chairs but no one got hurt or penalized.

My stopwatch malfunctioned early on as well, jumping from 25 seconds served to 1 minute 5 seconds served between jams (I stopped it, and it stopped okay but then jumped when I restarted.) Luckily Capps was quick with the arithmetic and we figured out when to send Slice back without a hitch, and then replaced the stopwatch. Then the second one malfunctioned too! (I think the second time was user error–I suspect I hit split/reset instead of stop/start, but it was not an immediately fixable thing, so math was done, timing was completed on the second stopwatch, and thank the refs no one else got sent to the box until I got a working stopwatch, so I wouldn’t have to switch my brain over to timing with one stopwatch. (I can do it, and have done it at scrimmages, and I actually think it can be easier, but I have to get my mind in the right place for it beforehand.)

The game was pretty exciting, and at the half (The first time I had a chance to check the score, because I spent gametime watching the refs so that whenever possible, I could get the number of any called skaters on SF1 down before they got near the box) was DCDC 99 to SF1 52. The second half was less eventful in the box, except at one point I had a full box and a skater waiting to report and I almost sent the wrong skater back first (luckily the skaters were on point and double checked with me quickly and the paperwork bore them out, so the correct skater got to start skating at the correct time. Thank you, ladies, for being on top of that and being nice about it!) Final score was DCDC 179, SF1 132. I’m not entirely sure about rankings, but I heard that there could be a 3 way tie for first place right now within the league. Wacky!!

Next week is the Whips vs the Bombshells, again at Temple Hills.

Today I saw several doctors! One ortho, for my leg, and one psychiatrist for my brains. The ortho is willing to take out my tibia plate, and said I’d be in a boot for a few weeks after the surgery, and then I wouldn’t be allowed to do anything more than walking or biking for a few months, but that I should be able to skate later this year! Woo! He did say it might not take 100% of the pain away from my leg but since I can be laid up for days after exercising, even some of the pain going away would be fantastic. The psych is willing to put me back on my migraine meds but wants to try something else for depression, assuming it’s okay with my neuro, so tomorrow I a) have to call her and see if she is okay with the other meds with the cymbalta (there’s a slight neurological risk to these other meds) and b) get my prescription filled. And that is my good news.

*at the Armory, anyway. I haven’t NSOed yet at any of the sports plexes that we also sometimes bout in. They might be cozier too.


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