Black and White Scrimmage

Last night we had two black and white scrimmages. The first was a standard b&w scrimmage, where there is no real criteria placing a skater on one or the other team, and the second was travel team vs non-travel team league skaters.

We only had 2 regular NSOs (Pants and I) plus ‘Bender, who is still on the DL* for her whiplash from that last scrimmage. So We stuck her in the middle tracking penalties (which she did pretty well!) and Pants and I did double duty penalty box timing and scorekeeping. (We did not do any penalty timer paperwork, obviously.) Which was weird and hard and not recommended for daily use. Most of the time we handled it, but when the box was busy and neither jammer was in the box, it got a little hectic. Lucky for me, Pants kept an eye on my jam ref when I was busily orchestrating musical chairs. It actually got to the point that when I had my jammer in the box and didn’t have to keep one eye on the time and the other on the jam ref, I actually got all nervous that I was missing something important. It’s ridiculous how quickly we adapted, but I’ll be glad to not do this again *fingers crossed*

Sunday, Temple Hills, first whistle at 11AM. Whips versus Bombshells. (There will be coffee! and, if last week is an indicator, hot apple cider!)

*disabled list? I think? It’s like, a term for professional sports and I only know it because of Terriers because I am a dork.


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