Bout Report

Today was the Whips versus the Bombshells. If the Whips win today, that puts them in a three-way tie for first place with Scare Force and the Demoncats.

The Bombshells took an immediate but very small lead (2 points, I think?) in the first jam, holding the Whips scoreless. The first 15 minutes were incredibly close, with the lead being passed back and forth between the teams, and staying pretty darn close. As the first half started to wind down, the Whips took the lead and held on to it. At the half, the score was Majority Whips 79 Bombshells 49. (I was scorekeeping, tracking the Whips the first half and the Bombshells the second half, which is how I managed to keep such a good eye on the score.)

Whips held on to their lead in the second half, but the Bombshells pulled up pretty close (I think within 5 points?) But the Whips pulled away again. The second half was very close, the score gap wasn’t more than 30 points at any time, but in the end, the Whips won: 192-154.

Now the league has to figure out how to handle the three-way tie. We don’t have a rule about it yet (just about regular two-way ties).

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