Totally Helpful.

I was supposed to have my first session with my new therapist today. Last week when I had my psychiatrist appointment he brought me into his office to schedule it (he does his own scheduling) and didn’t have a calendar or anything and I actually wanted to remind him to write it down when I left but I didn’t because I am dumb. Today I show up and he’s with a patient, which makes sense because I am there early, being a courteous person whenever possible. Shortly after my appointment was supposed to start, his patient came out and then he came out, welcomed some other patient into the office and went in. Then he came out again, asked me if we had an appointment today, and then said he’d be right out. Thirty minutes later he was still in with the other guy. Apparently he scheduled me during someone else’s hour. This does not help my mental health issues.

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  1. That totally sucks when you’re all geared up for your appointment and hopeful of some help. I hope you are able to see him or another therapist very soon.

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