First day of therapy

Okay so I saw a different therapist than the one that I was complaining about at the same practice. I was supposed to see her for our first session last Thursday, but there were wicked high winds and I didn’t feel safe driving (and I missed wiggly puppy time for that reason, too).First session went well, I think. I felt less burdened afterward. Also very tired.

I am in preliminary contact with two companies about maybe interviewing for jobs–I was contacted by a hiring person at one company, and a recruiter looking to staff a short term contract for another, so hopefully something will come of those opportunities. I really want to be working again, I really hate being dependent on my folks for money. Plus it sucks not being able to do anything, like, ever.

Weirdly, my rent check hasn’t cleared yet, so I’m going to talk to leasing about that, but my heat has been working for almost a week now! yay! The system is super old and our maintenance guys had to replace almost every single part because it kept going out for different reasons. I’m afraid to turn it off, actually, in case it goes out again. But I’m going to be getting a new unit sometime this spring, hopefully sooner than later. Although considering the weather of late, I may still be needing it for a month or two, as the weather ping-pongs back and forth between 65 and snowing.



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4 responses to “First day of therapy

  1. I’m so glad you’ve had your first visit to a physio. I hope it helps. I know that for injury-type visits, it can hurt more at first until they can get past the scar or calcium buildup, but I’ve always found them helpful.

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