New Rules Scrimmage

Last Friday and again last night we scrimmaged with the new rules. (The one that impacts me is 30 second penalties for everyone aieeeeeeeeee but there are a bunch of new ones that affect refs/skaters.) I meant to write up Friday’s scrimmage but instead I watched a metric buttload of Leverage. Sorry, not sorry. Anyway, Friday we tried out 5 officials in the box-two doing just paperwork, the box manager and two timers. (The box manager times jammers, makes sure everyone knows who is coming into the box and for what (whenever possible), and directs box traffic–tells the skaters where to sit.) I did paperwork for the first half and timing for the second and we all agreed that for the most part we didn’t need 5 people but when the box got slammed we REALLY needed 5 people.

Last night we didn’t have enough officials to do 5 in the box, but it worked out anyway because the home teams (who were scrimmaging against each other, unlike Friday, which was a black and white scrimmage) were playing really cleanly. For the first scrimmage I managed the box (for the first time ever eeeeeeeee) and did not completely suck, but was not nearly as good as I wanted to be. I had a very hard time hearing and seeing the calls from the box. (We only had jam refs and inside pack refs, which is not really relevant to my being able to hear the calls but is a little bit relevant to not being able to see them, at times when their backs were to the box as they made the calls.) We did okay, but I have a long way to go before I’m good enough to be eye-level with Capps’ shoes, let alone as capable a box manager as she is.

For the second scrimmage Capps put me on penalty tracking. I did this once or twice before at the beginning of the season but haven’t since, and I was super intimidated, especially after being mildly intimidated by managing the box and not doing so well. But it actually went really well, and I saw and heard almost all of the calls. There were a couple I had to double check to make sure I heard right, but I had heard them right each time, so yay! This was a vast improvement over the last time I did this, though a lot of the credit goes to the league for playing so cleanly. There were no incidents where several penalties were called at once, so I didn’t have to struggle to sort them. I also got to practice hand signals twice when the box asked me what the calls were without getting up to confer, since time was short. (I couldn’t remember high block, so shouted it and Ripper showed me (it doesn’t come up a lot!) and the second time was back block (which is more common.))

Tonight the league is scrimmaging against Charm? or Team Maryland? I can’t remember which. We’ll see what I get to do today!

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