Charm/DC Scrimmage, personal stuff

So last night our travel teams scrimmaged Charm City’s travel teams. Charm sent 3 refs, and a couple boot campers came to NSO. I kept score with Ice for both scrimmages. Charm won both (they’re ranked higher than we are, so that’s not a surprise.) They beat the B team by a much larger margin than the A team, though. There was a bit of a price to pay, however. Several of our skaters only skated one half of one scrimmage before gearing down. I didn’t see any particular injuries, but the girls were working hard and at one point I saw three of them lying on the floor by the bench after a jam. Charm wasn’t unscathed either, Killy from Philly, who I met when she skated with Free State, hit her head really hard. Overall, I felt a little ish about the whole scrimmage.

I’ve been back on my meds a few weeks now, and they are definitely helping. It used to take an extreme effort of will just to get up, get showered, get anything done. If you’re familiar with the spoon theory, I generally spent most of my spoons on job applications. Now it takes fewer spoons to do most things, so I can do a lot more in a day. I’ve been seeing a therapist, too, who I like a lot so far. Next week I’m getting my tibia plate out, and starting my journey back to physical fitness.



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3 responses to “Charm/DC Scrimmage, personal stuff

  1. Love to hear the good health news, Mels. It’s not good to have to spend so many spoons on one thing, even if it is something that will make you’re life better, with work and salary. Let us now what day you go in for the surgery so I can think good thoughts of you.

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