This is my week.

Today I am gonna vacuum. I’m gonna get my next month’s meds. I’m officiating at a scrimmage. I’m possibly going grocery shopping but I might do that tomorrow instead.

Tomorrow: Maybe the aforementioned grocery trip. Therapy a day early. All the laundry ever. Pack a bag and my crutches. Go with the Boy to my grandmother’s. Stop eating before midnight.

Wednesday: Get up as late as possible while still making it to the hospital at 6:30am with my dad. Get some metal taken out of my leg. Wake up from anesthesia and eat all the food. Or not. Last time I had to fast for longer and was way starvinger* than I expect to be this time. Get driven home by my parents. Listen to my mother talk about how disgusting my apartment is because my bed isn’t made. Nest in the couch and watch all the netflix. (Current fixation: Parks and Rec. Saving Twin Peaks for after I don’t need painkillers anymore because it’s just gonna be messin’ me up anyway, I hear.)

Thursday: All the netflix. Also eating cereal out of the box.

Friday: Ditto.

Saturday: Bout day! And then all the netflix.

*totally a word.


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